3 Options Realty North Georgia, 4027 GA HWY 52, Ellijay, GA 30536, (706) 889-2731

Residential Sales, Rentals and Property Management for North Georgia

The mountain offices of 3 Options Realty

The mountain offices of 3 Options Realty were founded as a natural offshoot to the Roswell-based home office that was founded back in 2008. The company was formed out of a perceived economic necessity to adapt to a failing sales market years ago. Our founder recognized that agents were going to have difficulty getting their listings sold, and that prospective buyers were going to have an equally difficult time qualifying for new conforming home loan requirements. A new approach would be necessary if agents were going to survive that challenging time. Consumers were changing and the real estate service industry needed to change to meet the new perceived market demands.

Two of the three organizers of our mountain offices (Dan Wilhelm and Christopher Jaswa) began investing in the mountain marketplace back in 2000. With many years of experience investing and managing in-town residential property, they quickly recognized the financial opportunities found in owning cabin rentals. In the process, they both truly fell in love with the concept of mountain living; whether it was river tubing, kayaking the white water, hiking in the rolling hills, the breathtaking mountain views, or simply enjoying the roaring silence of mesmerizing mountain river rapids. What’s not to love?

Chris would eventually put down permanent stakes there, while Dan would commute on weekends to get a break from the hustle and bustle of city living. But there was no question that the mountain lifestyle had its appeal to both. They would eventually find interest in commercial real estate in East Ellijay. They were there to stay!

The third key member of our organizing team, Terri Clair, is a native Georgian with family in Ellijay (the mountain office location). For her, the Georgia mountains are a second home with fond memories dating back to her childhood years. It wasn’t hard to sell Terri on the idea of expanding 3 Options Realty into the Georgia mountain marketplace.

Today, at 3 Options Realty, whether in the city or in the mountains we offer our clients three options: sales, leasing, and property management. Prospects appreciate our ability to offer choices, especially credible ones. If, for some reason, a house will not sell or cannot sell there is a possibility that it will lease. So we solve the dilemma for reluctant landlords by offering professional management services. We absorb the burden of the hassles of property management.

We differ from traditional property management companies. Our agents do both the leasing and the management for designated clients. Their aim is to nurture strong working relationships with their clients, remaining conscious of the possibility that such a relationships suggest future business in sales, when the market returns. We have found that our landlords become content with our unsurpassed customer service, while their agent remains grateful to earn a predictable monthly income from managing their clients’ assets—definitely a win-win!

If you are a licensed Georgia real estate agent looking for a better solution for your career, check us out. You may have just found a new home for your license.

Where we serve: Our northeast Georgia office serves a wide area of northeast Georgia including the communities of Ellijay, Cartersville, Jasper, Blue Ridge, Canton, Gainesville, Cumming, Buford, Sugar Hill, and Dacula.

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